Thinking about OnLine Project Management?
Check how we can improve the efficiency of your business.

Efficient communication

with electronic allocation of tasks, everyone knows his responsibilities in the project

Contact with clients made easier

You can provide access for customers into the project status to keep them always up to date and let them share their comments and explanations

No more misunderstandings

No one told me about it! Where is this file? John is on vacation, and I do not know... Do you hear it every day? EasyProject solves all problems with temporary absences of team members.

Efficacy evaluation

time tracking and reporting show how robust and effective is your team

Data security

the connection is encrypted, and by storing data on external servers, you have instant access to information from any computer or mobile device.

Time under controll

with time tracking you can easily see how much, and why so much, time is spent on the project

E-mail intergration

tasks, schedules, files, notes and much more!